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APE Games will be back in booth 1739 at GenCon!

August 2-5th in Indianapolis

What shall we be bringing, you ask?

  • Petrichor!
    We won’t have very many copies, but we are bringing the Kickstarter edition and the flowers expansion! Be sure to pick up your copy of this beautiful game at GenCon or you will have to wait until it goes to retail in October. (Don’t be that guy, don’t wait.)
    Pre-order this lovely game for pick up at Gen Con right here!
  • Moa!
    We are completely sold out of Moa, but we are bringing 100 or so Kickstarter copies. BONUS!! Martin Wallace will be in our booth (did I mention that’s booth 1739?) at 1pm on Thursday August 2nd!
    Pick up this beautiful game at Gen Con by pre-ordering right here!
  • Tickerion!
    We will absolutely have copies of Trickerion AND the awesome expansion: Dahlgaard’s Gifts, however we will only have around 50 copies.
    If you want to pre-order this game for pick up at Gen Con, head over here!

Basically, you need to come by and see us at GenCon, you should probably stop by earlier in the weekend and you definitely need to ask us about these beautiful games.

Happy Gaming!

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