APE’s amusing theme-park  building card game


Step right up and play APE’s new card game of theme park construction. Compete with fellow park owners to build the amusement park of your dreams. Hire builders, inspectors, and other professionals to add rides, shows, midway attractions and shows.

Experts in various fields can get attractions built even faster. Start with a simple teacup ride and add charming carousels, roller coasters, acrobats, shooting galleries, and even a Meet the Characters restaurant!


Building the amusement park of your dreams is easier than ever!



Full-color, easy-to-read rulebook. You can download the rulebook here.


Attraction Cards

Players move across the board setting up dig sites and collecting bones. The board also tracks museum categories and the game round/phase.


Job Cards

Collect jobs and trad them in for attractions


Expert Cards

Like jobs, experts can be collected and traded in for attractions. Experts provide more talent icons than jobs.


Critic Cards

Critics provide additional points at the end of the game for parks that match that criteria.


Year End and Tracker Cards, and Token

Arcadia is played played over four ‘years’, tracked with these cards.


Players take on the roles of amusement park owners in this theme park building card game from APE. Hire laborers with various skills, and trade them in to build amusement park attractions of varying types including rides, shows, food and midway. Build off your base to get increasingly higher level attractions and get bonus points for building a park that appeals to critics.

With family-friendly play and adorable art by Kim Smith, Arcadia is sure to appeal to the armchair park designer in everyone!

Arcadia Unboxing

Roll Call does an unboxing and explanation of Arcadia.

Arcadia Overview with BGG

Kevin talked to Beth Heile at BGG about Arcadia while at Gen Con.

Dice Tower Review of Arcadia

Tom Vasel at The Dice Tower reviewed Arcadia, and likes it!




Greg Bush is an image processing engineer by day and a game designer
by night.  He uses a love of math and tons of spreadsheets to develop
games that are both well-balanced and fun to play.  Arcadia is his
first published game, though there a few others in the works.

Phil Steampunk 600 square

Phil Chase has been an educator for over twenty years in both public and private school systems. A board game and role-playing enthusiast since childhood, Phil published his first board game, Theophrastus, in 2002. Since then, he has published four more titles: Grand Tribunal, Gemstones, Digger’s Garden Match, and most recently, Arcadia. He now concentrates his creative energies toward his passions for writing. His short stories appear in the 2016 editions of Valves and Vixens and A Dose of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem, available through major booksellers. His co-authored epistolary-format Web fiction, Rackham and Crane, can be found at http://www.the-epistolary.org/rackhamandcrane/.

Players, Ages  & Time

Arcadia can be played by 2-4 players, ages 8+ in about 60 minutes.

  • 2-4 players

  • ages 8+

  • 60 minutes

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Arcadia Attraction Cards

Arcadia News

Arcadia Replacement Cards

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The cards that were in the games sold at Gen Con 2015 (and only Gen Con) had several misprints. This led to long, boring games because the jobs and experts…

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  • Michael Theriot says:

    Hey there, I just bought a retail version of Arcadia, well I assume it was I got it from miniature market. Just watched the tom vessel review stating that I need new cards to “fix” the game. Just checking to see if I need the new set. How can I tell!? Please advise thank you.

  • Alexis says:

    I have a question. When one player build the Show Level 1 Street Magician he can pick the attraction card about to be placed on the bottom of the deck. Can he only pick it at the end of his turn, if an attaction card is about to placed or is it possible to pick this about to be placed attraction card on any player’s turn (provided you can of course).

  • apegamer says:

    It can be any one card, even those placed on other players’ turns.

  • Joe Cracknell says:

    Just bought this game with my partner and we’re having a great time playing it! Love the game 10/10. Now we want an expansion pack for it!

  • apegamer says:

    There’s not an expansion in the works, but thanks much for playing!

  • Jose Fuentes says:

    I purchased the game and it came with a stack of new cards to replace the ones that were in error, however when you replace the old cards some of them are the same including the symbols? So my question is when replacing should the symbol be different be3some are the same exact card?

  • apegamer says:

    The cards are all different from the originals in some way. I don’t have the cards here with me, and we are long sold out of Arcadia, but what cards are the same?

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