rubber ducks racing in the “kenducky” derby…

duck! duck! GO!

Bathtub rubber ducky racing has long been a popular sport. Every year rubber duckies from all walks of life train in bathtubs, spas and small ponds around the world to prepare for the annual Kenducky Derby, the premier bathtub ducky race. 


duck! duck! GO! comes with a random assortment of real rubber ducks, and everything you see here!



Easy-to-read rulebook. Download it here.


Movement Cards

Forts protect your colony from enemy siege. The ‘stones’ you add to the card are hard to replace after the fort has been built, so plan wisely.



Each game comes with 4 random ducks and a random bird dog from our collection of over 100 ducks.


Board Tiles

The rulebook gives several setups for beginners and experts.


Buoy Tokens

There are four buoys in each color – red, blue and green. Ducks must collect one of each token before finishing the race by touching the drain.


Advanced Tokens

Several advanced game tokens.


Each round, choose a movement card from your hand. When it is your turn, race your ducky according to the directions on the card. Be the first ducky to touch all the buoys and get back to the finish drain to win!

duck! duck! GO! comes with 4 REAL rubber duckies, and a rubber bird dog. There are over 100 duckies in the set. Order from our online store and select your own set of duckies to put in the game! Just enter the 4 ducks (e.g. Chef 3, Aliens 1, Monsters 2 and Surfers 4) and 1 bird dog (e.g. Doggies 6) in the Ordering Instructions space on the check out screen after you add the game to your cart.

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Designer Dan Manfredini

Kevin G. Nunn has spent most of his life slowly migrating westward along I-10.  This trend began at the age of two, when his parents settled in New Orleans, LA, continued at the age of six, when his parents resettled in Lafayette, LA, and carried on to the age of 30, when he and his bride Debra resettled in Houston, TX.

Exposure to board games began at as a toddler, when his mother began teaching him the principles of chess.  Sadly, exposure to European-style games didn’t happen until much later.  He’s been trying to make up for lost time ever since.

Kevin’s interest in game design appeared in the winter of 1980 with the design of his first roleplaying game.  Several more roleplaying games and board games would follow.

Kevin’s published design credits to date include Rolling Freight, duck! duck! Go!, Schlock Mercenary: Capitol Offensive, Nobody But Us Chickens, and Velo City.  Kevin was also a contributing author to the anthology book Family Games: the 100 Best.

Players, Ages  & Time

duck! duck! GO! is a 2-4 player game, for ages 8+. It takes about 20-40 minutes.

  • 2-4 players

  • ages 8+

  • 20-40 minutes

duck! duck! GO! News

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  • Doug Miller says:

    I recently purchased this game second hand and it is missing some of the tokens. Is it possible to buy specific tokens or even the entire amount of tokens? Thanks for your time and consideration.

  • Joan H says:

    I have been trying to download a copy of the rules for the Duck Duck Go Game. It will not load past the main cover page. Is there anyway you could e-mail me a copy of the rules?

  • wendy cohen says:

    Hi – We are working on a new feature film and would like to contact someone there at APE in charge of marketing/PR to see about including some of your games in the set. Can you please tell me how an who I contact directly? thank you, Wendy

  • Mike Vrtis says:

    I really like the whole idea of DUCK DUCK GO!
    I hope to try it out with my Gane Group this weekend – they like simple and silly games, so this should be right up their alley.

    I have two copies of the game so I can handle more than 4 players.

    1. Do you have any suggestions for setting up the tiles for more than 4 players?

    2. Do you still supply extra ducks separately? How kind and how much? M

    3. Have you received any variants to share from other gamers??

    I am looking forward to playing DUCK DUCK GO. It has even sparked the idea of adapting it to a simple Pirate version with battles being fought and merchant ducks being captured and ducks being sunk…

  • apegamer says:

    @Mike, here is a copy of the rulebook from the old edition of the game which supported up to 6 players. It has layouts that use more tiles.

    The best way to get info about player variants is to ask on forum or Twitter.

    Have fun!

  • Wade says:

    Is the junior card expansion still available?

  • Daniel Dawes says:

    Hello, I picked up a copy of Duck! Duck! Go! second hand and it only had three rubber ducks (and did not have the bird dog). Is it possible to just order a replacement set of ducks (including the bird dog) without ordering a new copy of the game?

  • apegamer says:

    Yes, please email us at for help.

  • Courtney says:

    What’s the difference between the 1st and second editions?

  • apegamer says:

    About $15. And components for two additional players (up to six).

  • LoL says:

    May I have a few questions?
    1. How do I choose the ducks when I purchase the game from your website?
    2. How can I buy more ducks, and how does the cost look like?

    Thank you!

  • apegamer says:

    Due to the varying availability of ducks we cannot be certain of inventory and so are only selling games with random selections, and not selling ducks individually. If you find us at a convention in the future (e.g. Gen Con) then you can get additional ducks and customize your game sets.

  • Brooke Williams says:

    Is it possible to order just a few extra ducks?

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