build giant monsters – destroy the world’s cities


RARRR!! is APE’s card game of earth-shaking battles between giant Japanese movie monsters (daikaiju). Each player creates a monster, builds up its power, and then battles against other monsters to destroy the world’s greatest cities.

Monsters are constructed using Katakana cards, which create the monsters’ names and give them terrifying powers. Players spend their monsters’ power when battling other monsters. The winner ravages the city. But be careful how you spend your power – there are a lot of cities to crush!


RARRR!! contains:




Easy-to-read rulebook. Download it here. Also we have rules for young folks.


Monster Cards

Start the game by selecting one of these cards to form the basis for your terrifying monster.


Katakana Cards

Enhance your monster’s power by drafting katakana cards. Combine these cards with the base monster card to give your monster an awesome game and massive power.


City Cards

Different cities have different point values that are awarded upon destroying them. In the advanced game, the power symbol indicates the city has a resistance to that power. Also, collecting ‘sets’ of cities with the same color provide endgame bonuses.


Power Cards

Draft power cards (fire, electricity, toxic, radioactive) that best match your monster’s powers. These cards will be used to fuel you monsters rampage.


Power Boost Cards

Every player begins with game with three ‘wild’ cards that can be used as any of the power types. Use them carefully – they’ve got to last you the whole game!

angriest monster


Angriest Monster

The angriest monster selects the next city to destroy, and plays the first power cards into the battle.

bid dial


Power Gauges

RARRR!! has math, and this helps keep track of your power spent.



Select a monster and draft katakana cards to give it a name and a full set of powers including fire, electric, toxic and radioactive. Then draft power cards to maximize your monster’s powers.

Now your monster is ready to start smashing cities! Select one of the city cards and ‘bid’ your monster’s power against your opponents’ monsters. Bid the most power to destroy the city and claim its smoking rubble as your prize!

RARRR!! Gameplay Tutorial

A quick video guiding you through the highlights of playing RARRR!!

Dice Tower RARRR!! Review

Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower walks you through RARRR!! and give his impressions of the game.

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Designer Michael Brandl

He has been a fan of Japanese giant monster movies ever since he saw the American version of Godzilla sometime before his tenth birthday.  In the decades since has become a full-fledged Japanophile, going so far as to learn some conversational Japanese and practice iaijutsu, the Japanese martial art of the sword draw, until his arthritis got bad enough to make him too dangerous with a katana.

He has also been playing and collecting hobby games since college (much more collecting than playing, to his chagrin).  He spent too much time in graduate school working on a Ph.D. in physics that he never completed.  Like most failed would-be physicists, he then went on to program computers for over thirty years.

He finally realized that game rules were just programs written to run on gamers’ brains, and has been designing games in his spare time for the past couple of decades.  RARRR!! is his first published game.

biff copy

Bob Canada (yes, that’s his real name) has been a professional graphic designer and illustrator for the past twenty five years. Gosh, he must have started when he was five years old! He’s also a non-award winning blogger and writer. He once rode his bicycle across the state of Indiana in one day (although it took him twelve hours to do so). He also enjoys visiting China, and speaks just enough Mandarin to cause an international incident. Is there anything he can’t do?

Players, Ages  & Time

RARRR!!! can be played by 3-6 players, ages 8+ in 45-60 minutes.

  • 3-6 players

  • ages 8+

  • 45-60 minutes

Buy RARRR!! from your favorite retailer or from our store and get extra custom monsters and cities for free!


Play RARRR!! Online with Tabletop Simulator

Play RARRR!! with friends and friends you’ve not yet met using Tabletop Simulator!


RARRR!! News

RARRR!! Reprint Back in Stores

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We weren't out for long - RARRR!! is back in stores! Get it from your friendly local game store or from our online store at and get the bonus…

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  • Raymond Tuyen says:


    I recently purchased RARR!!! from a store (BoardGameBliss) and inside the game had a note to replace three of the cities card that were shrink wrapped with the 3 green cities card that are loose. It came with Sao Paolo and Rio De Janiero but missing the Bogota. The Bogota is missing the VPIs there any chance of getting that card shipped to me?



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