become a true legend of illusion…


Behind every great magician there is a team of helpers:  a gorgeous Pretty Assistant, a cunning Manager, a resourceful Engineer and some diligent Apprentices. Using these characters and their resources, players will be able to sculpt their own repertoire of Tricks from 40 available magic illusions in 4 different categories, prepare and perfect them on their very own Workshop that can be expanded during the game, and finally perform them at the Theater. How these Performances shape up is entirely up to the players: they build them from the ground up with the tricks of their choice, and they can perform them alone, or choose to temporarily cooperate with others in a co-performance for mutual benefits.

On top of managing their team and trick repertoire, players can also improve their magician’s skills by collecting shards of the mighty Trickerion Stone and learning new abilities using its power. If they are willing to get their hands dirty, they can even visit the Dark Alley location to obtain some insidious extra actions, or change their fate by dabbling into the supernatural at the fortune teller.


A box of Trickerion contains a LOT of components:

  • 1 gorgeous 2-sided game board
  • 4 player boards
  • 12 player board extensions (apprentice, manager, engineer)
  • 6 custom dice
  • 4 magician meeples
  • 4 player markers
  • 48 trick cards
  • 8 magician cards
  • 8 poster cards
  • 28 performance cards
  • 12 Duel of Magicians performance cards
  • 88 special and permanent assignment cards
  • 12 turn setup cards
  • 32 wooden character discs
  • 27 prophecies
  • 50 Trickerion shards
  • 96 component tokens
  • 80 trick and symbol markers
  • 44 coin tokens
  • 1 trickerion stone
  • 1 turn marker
  • 4 magician workbooks
  • 1 rulebook




Trickerion – Legends of Illusion is a competitive Euro-style strategy game set in a fictional city inspired by the late 19th century urban life and culture, where players take on the role of rival stage illusionists.

Players strive to become the city’s greatest Magician by acquiring the most Fame points. But there is much more at stake than prestige alone. The audience’s favourite wins the contest for the mighty Trickerion Stone, a relic that grants supernatural powers to its owner, making him a true Legend of Illusion.

Punched and Played Trickerion Tutorial

Punched and Played teaches Trickerion.

Rahdo Runs Through Trickerion

Rahdo looks at an early version of Trickerion for the Kickstarter.



Mindclash Designers Viktor Peter and Richard Amann

Viktor Peter is the lead game designer for Trickerion, and Richard Amann is the Creative Director. Together they’re Mindclash Games.

Players, Ages  & Time

Trickerion can be played by 2-4, aged 14+. It requires about 30 minutes per player.

  • 2-4 players

  • ages 14+

  • 30 minutes per magician

Trickerion Sleeves

Mayday Games has a Trickerion sleeve package.

Play Trickerion on Tabletopia


Trickerion News

APE Games Project Status Update

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I've been meaning to put together a diagram like this that shows the location of each APE games in the production chain. Now that it's finally built, it'll be easy…

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  • James says:

    When will Trickerion coins be in stock??? Thanks!

  • apegamer says:

    Ah! I’ll prioritize that and make it happen tonight. Sorry for the stupidly long delay. It’s like I’m trying to not make money.

  • apegamer says:

    Trickerion metal coins are now available for pre-order here.

    So sorry for the delay.

  • Rodrigo says:

    Is there any quality differences in the components (tokens, cards, boards…) in this new print? Or its look exactly like the original?

  • Joshua John Comeau says:

    How do we get replacement parts if we have some that were damaged?

  • apegamer says:

    I need to fix the Contact Us, look on the bottom right of the homepage for a Contact Us form.

  • Markid says:


    Is there any chance Trickerion will exist in french ?

    Lot of french gamers would be thrilled…

  • Markid says:

    First of all… me 😉

  • Vincent Forget Filteau says:

    Missing one wokshop card in trikerion game

  • Bill Siegel says:

    Is there a current print run coming for Trickerion? It was last mentioned for a March schedule. I know things have changed, but what is you current expectations regarding the next print run. I did pre-order and have no idea what is happening. Thanks

  • apegamer says:

    Yes, the next print run is being worked. We were going to the printer in late March, but the pandemic set that back a bit. Look for the game to hit retail in late summer.

  • Brad S. says:

    Is there a way to be notified when the game becomes available?

  • apegamer says:

    It’ll very likely be October.

    • Nicholas Kurek says:

      Thanks for the Reply Apegamer!

      I heard that the new board includes the new updated Dark Alley action iconography. Does the Dark Alley also include the Dahlgaard Academy special assignment card slot like the Collector’s Edition board?


  • apegamer says:

    No, it does not have the DA slot, the alternate board was a Kickstarter-exclusive component only for the Collector’s Edition. Whoever wants to vandalize their board, the Academy expansion has a sticker you can apply to your board’s Dark Alley space (Pandemic on the brink style).

  • Nicholas Kurek says:

    Thanks for the response Apegamer,

    I understand not to include the exclusive KS art board. But if the default board was updated to include the new Dark Alley rules action, is there any reason why the board image was not simultaneously updated for Dark Alley action and Dahlgaard Academy slot? The board iconography could have just as easily been updated for both before printing onto the board.

    I guess I am trying to understand the development decision despite it being an easy fix.



  • apegamer says:

    The Academy was a one-time Kickstarter and not part of the long-term retail product.

    • Nicholas says:

      Thanks Apegamer!

      Were the collector’s editions a combined Ape Games + Mindclash Games product, or only a Mindclash games product? If combined, does Ape Games have any spare collector components like the board?


      • apegamer says:

        That was a Mindlclash-exclusive Kickstarter a couple of years ago. APE Games wasn’t involved and doesn’t have any of those assets.

        • Nicholas says:

          Thanks for all the information Apegamer!

          I ordered Trickerion: Legends of Illusion and Dahlgaard’s Gifts expansion from you guys! Super excited! Do you know where exactly we can check for updates to see if this reprint ships earlier than October?


  • apegamer says:

    The best thing will be to sign up for the APE Games newsletter, which you can find at the bottom of the homepage. I can’t imagine it will be much sooner than October, though.

  • Steve says:

    The anticipation for this game. I literally have everything else but the base game and Dahlgaard’s Gifts that I’m waiting on from this pre-order D:

  • Kyle M says:

    Should my card have been charged by now for the pre-order? Still on track for October? Is that when printing will start, or shipping?

    • Nicholas says:

      Any updates?

      • apegamer says:

        Since this is a batch print job, we were waiting (a very long time) for content from other publishers. That’s now in place, and printing is starting. That means it’ll be ~45 days before the games ship, though.

  • Steve says:

    Hmmm. Well…it’s October and I haven’t seen any updates.

  • apegamer says:

    The factory is on holiday through tomorrow. I hope to get an update after they return.

    • Brad S says:

      Any updates on the progress?

    • Lucas Stevens says:

      Any idea if this game will go into print again?

      • apegamer says:

        Yes! My idea is that the shipment landed in our MI warehouse yesterday and will make its way to our Houston warehouse for pre-order fulfillment next week. It should be available in stores within a month. You should pre-order from your local game store now, or wait about two weeks for orders to become available from this site.

  • apegamer says:

    I heard from the printer yesterday that they expect production to be complete and shipped before the Chinese New Year (Feb). You’ll be charged in the next couple of weeks.

  • clint says:

    I see up there a print is coming for March . Do you know when the pre order window closes? and after the March print when is delivery expected?

    • apegamer says:

      There is no word on when the pre-order window will close, but probably in early January. The games will be printed in early February, and then ship to the various fulfillment centers to be sent to those who pre-ordered the game.

  • Felipe says:

    I’d love to pre-order this game with the Gifts, but i’m getting an error on Stripe. Can you help me or enable paypal? 🙁

  • Brad Schneckenberger says:

    Is there any update that can be provided on shipping dates for the preorder?


  • apegamer says:

    Trickerion is on the ships to fulfillment centers. Expect shipment by mid-March, though delays are possible.

  • apegamer says:

    No sorry, but we’ll have some in our warehouse to order once they’re in stock IF you live in the US.

  • Bill says:

    Do you have any updates on potential shipping?

  • Mark says:

    I was curious if you know the timeline for about when the game will become available in retail again?

  • Brad says:

    Why are they available on amazon already without any shipping information for our orders? (And they’re $25 cheaper.)

    • apegamer says:

      We got the games into the warehouse and shipping will begin tomorrow. I got word yesterday that the next shipment has sold out already. I’m fine with not shipping your order and providing a refund IF you let us know before we ship. Email me at

  • apegamer says:

    I should add that while the shipment has already sold out, we have started the next run, which is 2x the size of this one.

  • Michel says:


    I preordered and paid for Trickerion in July 2020 and was wondering where the process is at.

    Thank you

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