hunt or be hunted…

Dark is the Night

A Hunter has set up camp in a dark and dangerous forest. In the middle of the night she is awakened by a sound in the darkness, just outside the light of her small fire. Again! A guttural growl informs the Hunter that she is not alone. To survive this night, the Hunter will need keen wits and sharp aim with her crossbow.


Dark is the Night contains:



Full-color, easy-to-read rulebook. Download the English rules hereDeutsches Regelwerk.



Hunter Figure

Hunter miniature figure (supplied unpainted).



Game Board

The hunter figure moves only in the spaces surrounding the fire, while the monster moves secretly through the spaces in the darkness.



Monster Dial

The monster moves secretly through the dark spaces outside the campfire. The dial is used to mark his current position.




The hunter gets two crossbow bolts (either flaming or regular), a leg of mutton and a bell trap. The monster gets a feint token.


Dark is the Night is an asymmetric two-player game of hunt-or-be-hunted. One player takes the role of the hunter and can move in the lighted spaces surrounding the campfire while the other player is the monster, secretly moving through the darkness. With only limited tools at their disposal, each player tries to eliminate the other before daybreak.

While the goal of each player is to eliminate the other, the means to do it vary for both players. The movement and gameplay actions available to the hunter player and monster player are very different.



Dark is the Night designers:
Josh Estill (left)
Zach Abbott (middle)
Arwen Boyer (right)

Hi, my name is Joshua Estill, and I’m one of the three original designers for Dark is the Night.
With the other two designers, we created this game for a class at Bradley University, where I majored in game design. I have a passion for designing games, and board games are a perfect place for me to let that passion thrive. When we first started designing the basics for this game, I never would have imagined that this game would ever get to where it is today. I’m very excited for everyone to play this game, and I hope people enjoy this game.
Hi all. My name is Zach Abbott, and I was one of the designers who helped create Dark is the Night.
Dark is the Night was an incredibly fun game to make, and it allowed me to truly delve into the world of mechanic building. I’ve always been interested in games and how they work, so much so that I majored in Game Design at Bradley University! I loved the idea of the project and was really excited when I was called on board. Playtesting and iterating on the game’s mechanics helped me to fully understand that the feelings games can give players is what I lived and designed for.
Hello! I’m Arwen Boyer, one of the lead designers of APE Games’ Dark is the Night.
Dark is the Night is my first game, and as someone who majored in game design this project taught me more about iterative development, mechanic refinement, and the importance of playtesting than a textbook ever could. Dark is the Night was a great learning experience as well as an indication to me that I was in the right field. As a fan of fantastical characters and creatures, I designed this game to be small and uncomplicated but also an adventure that could appeal to all kinds of players. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed designing it!

Players, Ages  & Time

Dark is the Night is a two-player game, aged 10+. It requires up to 15 minutes to play.

  • 2 players

  • ages 10+

  • up to 15 minutes

The Kickstarter version of Dark is the Night comes with painted huntress figure and plastic tokens!

Dark is the Night News

Dark is the Night Kickstarter to go Live on Tuesday!

| Dark is the Night | 2 Comments
Mark your calendar - our Dark is the Night Kickstarter is going live on Tuesday afternoon! Dark is the Night is APE's 2-player asymmetric game of hunt-or-be-hunted. One player is the…

Chad Hoverter Sculpts Dark is the Night Huntress Figure

| Dark is the Night | 4 Comments
Chad Hoverter (Mice & Mystics) has done a tremendous job making us a huntress for our upcoming Dark is the Night game. Here are pictures of the master sculpt. I've…

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  • casey cole says:

    My name,is Casey Cole id like to pick my game up at gen con if possible please

  • Frank says:

    Hello, ordered the same some time ago. Wanted to see when this was going to be released and shipped. Thanks!

  • apegamer says:

    Pre-orders will ship before the end of August, after the Kickstarter pledges have shipped.

  • TH says:

    Hi, just received my Spieleschmiede (German Kickstarter) version of Dark is the night and I have two rule questions:

    1. Placing the mutton token on the field next to the monster. So the monster moves onto the field with the mutton… But what to tell to the hunter? Zero spaces away?

    2. Bell trap placed on the field next to the monster. The monster now uses the Monsters feint. If the monster moves not at all or moves away from the bell, nothing happens. If the monster moves onto the field with the bell trap, it rings.
    But if the monster chooses to move 2 fields from the one side of the bell trap to the other side, is the bell activated through this movement or not?

    Thanks for helping

  • apegamer says:

    1. Yes, if the monster is on the mutton he announces he’s zero spaces away.

    2. This question came up at Gen Con. I’d told people that the monster DOES need to tell the hunter that the trap has activated, but that’s not a final answer. We’ll post here if the answer changes when we talk to the designers.

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