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battle across time…

Major General: Duel of Time

Well there you go getting yourself involved in a time war. Fortunately, you have the best generals in history on your side. Unfortunately, so does your opponent!


Major General contains:



Full-color, easy-to-read rulebook. Download the rules here.


Game Board

The board has five spaces – one for each player ,and three others to fight over in the middle.



Command Cards

Each player has an identical deck of eight cards. Each card has two orders – one to be played by you, and the other by your opponent.


Scenario Cards

A scenario card is selected at the start of each game. The scenario changes the rules of the game.



Each player gets 10 tokens (one player is red, the other yellow). There are also 10 white scenario tokens.



Reference Card

Each player gets a card that outlines each of the orders (Charge, Deploy, etc.)


In Major General: Duel of Time, each player has a set of eight Order cards which they play beside the battlefield, overlaying existing orders. All orders for both players that are still showing are resolved after each card is played. Control the most territories at the end of the game to win!

Major General Gameplay Video



Wyatt Yeong is a New York based independent game designer of tabletop and digital games He has a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Toronto and a MFA in Game Design from NYU Game Center.


Jing is a game developer with a background in mathematics and game design. His current favorite things include Mahjong and hotpot.


Jon Moormann is a digital and tabletop game designer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. His current projects include Lucca (Official Selection, Indiecade 2014) and Epitaph (NYU Game Center Incubator, 2016).


Jingjin is a Chinese game designer who graduated from NYU Game Center. He used to work in the Chinese game industry for some years. Besides gaming, he also likes cooking, hiking and reading.

Players, Ages  & Time

Major General is a two-player game, aged 10+. It requires about 20 minutes to play.

  • 2 players

  • ages 10+

  • 20 minutes

There’s still time to pre-order Major General at a reduced price!

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