The grand pharaoh Khufu admired the pyramid from across the sands. The stones reflected the full moon as if the pyramid were its own light source. “Your work exceeds my expectations, brother,” he said.


At the table, the vizier Ankhaf rolled up the papyrus containing the plans. It was good to hear such praise of his life’s work. He stood, bowed and said, “I am humbled that you think so, your majesty.”


One Card Wonder contains:


Wonder Cards

Each gorgeously illustrated by Guillaume Tavernier.



Leader Cards

Leaders provide advantages, or hinder opponents.



General Supply Board

Resources placed here form the general supply



Building Tiles

Players start the game with a building tile, each containing four buildings. Players must decide which buildings to construct to aid them in constructing their wonder.



Resource Cubes and Draw Bag

12 cubes in each of five colors. Resources are drawn blindly from a bag during Production.


Coin Tokens

Coins are generic resources. Among the many ways to obtain coins, players can trade in pairs of other resources.



Instructions for playing One Card Wonder.


In One Card Wonder, players begin the game with a card containing one of the world’s ancient wonders or other architectural marvels.

Each turn, players produce resources, trade them or claim them from the supply. These are used to perform the work of building the wonder. Players may also choose to use resources to build infrastructure that can help accelerate the building of their wonder.

A player’s leader will help direct the work, or slow the opponents.

The first player to complete their wonder wins!

Designer and Artist


Nat Levan has been designing games since 2011. His passion in game design is bringing interesting subjects to life with a mix of friendly play and accessible strategy. Nat is an engineer who lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife, cat, and soon to be baby.


Guillaume Tavernier is a French illustrator who lives in the Normandy countryside with his wife and 4 children.

A comic book artist for Soleil and Delcourt, he also draws for games publishers (Black Book Editions, Evil Hat, APE Games …)
He specialized in creating maps and elevation buildings and shares his creations on his Google+ and Facebook.

The cover art was created by Jim Maxwell (Island Siege, Rolling Freight). His day job is working on matte painting for the hit television show Vikings on the History Channel.

Players, Ages  & Time

One Card Wonder is a game for 2-6, for ages 8+. It takes about 20-30 minutes.

  • 2-6 players

  • ages 8+

  • 20-30 minutes

Buy One Card Wonder

$ ??

Per MonthOne Card Wonder is coming soon to Kickstarter.


One Card Wonder News

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