The grand pharaoh Khufu admired the pyramid from across the sands. The stones reflected the full moon as if the pyramid were its own light source. “Your work exceeds my expectations, brother,” he said.


At the table, the vizier Ankhaf rolled up the papyrus containing the plans. It was good to hear such praise of his life’s work. He stood, bowed and said, “I am humbled that you think so, your majesty.”

One Card Wonder is a game of gathering resources and building one of the great wonders of the ancient world! Build support structures to build your wonder more efficiently. But be careful, time spent building support is time not building your wonder!


Be the first to complete your wonder to gain the respect of the world!


One Card Wonder contains:


Wonder Cards

Each gorgeously illustrated by Guillaume Tavernier.


Leader Tiles

Leaders provide game-changing advantages, or hinder opponents.


General Supply Board

Resources are originally drawn blindly from a bag. Some are placed here, where they can be accessed by all players.


Player Boards/Support Buildings

Each player mat contains a space to store resources and four unique buildings. Players can decide which buildings to construct to help speed building their wonder.



Resource Cubes and Draw Bag

12 cubes in each of five resource colors. Resources are drawn blindly from a bag as part of a Production action.



Stage Completion Markers

White cubes to mark completion of each wonder stage.


Coin Tokens

Coins are generic resources. Among the many ways to obtain coins, players can trade in pairs of other resources.



Obelisks are used to mark completed support buildings. There are four obelisks in each of six player colors.



Instructions for playing One Card Wonder. You can download the rules here.


In One Card Wonder, players begin the game with a card containing one of the world’s ancient wonders or other architectural marvels.

Each turn, players produce resources, trade them or claim them from the supply. These are used to perform the work of building the wonder. Players may also choose to use resources to build infrastructure that can help accelerate the building of their wonder.

A player’s leader will help direct the work, or slow the opponents.

The first player to complete their wonder wins!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last Updated: 12 Feb 2022

Q: Is the Brickyard support building on the Night & Day player mat correct?
A: This building should have include taking one Clay from the supply.

Designer and Artist


Nat Levan has been designing games since 2011. His passion in game design is bringing interesting subjects to life with a mix of friendly play and accessible strategy. Nat is an engineer who lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife, son, and a cat who loves to jump on boardgames.


Guillaume Tavernier is a French illustrator who lives in the Normandy countryside with his wife and 4 children.

A comic book artist for Soleil and Delcourt, he also draws for games publishers (Black Book Editions, Evil Hat, APE Games …)
He specialized in creating maps and elevation buildings and shares his creations on his Google+ and Facebook.

Players, Ages  & Time

One Card Wonder is a game for 2-6, for ages 8+. It takes about 20-30 minutes.

  • 2-6 players

  • ages 8+

  • 30 minutes

A few copies of the One Card Wonder Kickstarter edition are available in our web store. Get the two extra wonders!

One Card Wonder News

APE Games Project Status Update

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I've been meaning to put together a diagram like this that shows the location of each APE games in the production chain. Now that it's finally built, it'll be easy…

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  • Hi there,
    I’m Chris Marling, editor of board game blog It has been running for more than 10 years, with thousands of regular visitors. And I’ve written more than 200 board game reviews, alongside top 10 lists and more.
    I will once again be at Essen this year and have identified your game One Card Wonder as one of my top 20 hot games of Spiel 2021:
    Would it be possible to get a copy of the game from you for review? As well as a review on my website, I also repost all my board game reviews on both Board Game Geek and Punchboard Media.
    Thanks for your time, kind regards,
    Chris Marling

  • Patryk says:

    Hi, my name is Patryk, I am writing from the G3 Poland publishing house
    I was interested in your upcoming games, such as:
    – Vengeance: Roll & Fight
    – Ivion
    – One Card Wonder.

    The question is whether licenses for Poland are available and can prototypes be sent? TTS version may be. 🙂

  • Dietmar Stadler says:

    I’ve a question about one building in One Card Wonder named Brickyard on the Player mat night & day:
    On the mat is written:

    “Claim: You may also take 1 from the supply”

    Is there something missing? What can the owner of this building get also from the supply?

    (There is a similar building on the player mat ‘Creating Heroes’ called ‘Gymnasium’. But there ist written, that you may also take 1 Knowledge from the supply…. so I suppose, that the description of the Brickyard is something missing…)

    Or how is the use of the brickyard?

    I asked this at BGG also a few days ago…

    Best wishes from Germany
    Dietmar Stadler (= DiSta)

  • apegamer says:

    Per Nat (designer): It looks like the clay icon is missing. It should be take 1 clay from the supply.

    I’ll start a FAQ for this game and include this.

  • John P Dalbec says:

    The lumberyard says Build: pay 1 less wood once per turn. If a wonder stage or building costs 1 wood, does that mean I can build it for free?

  • apegamer says:

    Right, but remember one wood reduction applies only once per turn.

  • Paul Clairmont says:

    I unfortunately missed the Kickstarter for One Card Wonder, is it still possible to purchase it with the unlocked wonder, The Pyramids?, also is The Great Library going to be available?
    If I am unable to purchase the Kickstarter Version, would I be able to order the two goals mentioned above seperately, to complete the game?

    PJ Clairmont

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