“A really solid, cool game. One I highly recommend!”

– Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

The Spirits Reprint

Why pre-order the Sprits of the Rice Paddy reprint?

  • Pre-orders only cost $35 – a $25 discount off retail price of $60!!
  • The reprint includes all of the stretch goal unlocks from the original Kickstarter project!
    • Solo game components (solo board plus card deck)
    • Custom wooden components
    • Linen finish
    • 2-layer player boards (improved)
  • We are only making a very limited number of games. At most 1000 games will go to retail.
  • Reduced shipping costs worldwide! Games will ship from fulfillment hubs worldwide.
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  • We’re fixing rules ambiguities and iconography confusion throughout the game.

APE Games Pre-Orders

Spirits of the Rice Paddy is available to play on Tabletopia!


In Spirits of the Rice Paddy players must compete with fellow rice farmers to construct and tend rice paddies. Oxen can build walls and remove large rocks. Ducks can be employed to eat harmful pests and fertilize the fledgling crops. Weeds must be kept at bay. And, most importantly, water must be conserved and released with the greatest of care.

With a little luck, all that back-breaking labor will pay off in the end. The good news is that the spirits are eager to assist, granting many special abilities, blessings and magic. The farmer who produces the most rice over seven rounds wins the game.

Photo credits: More Games Please, Caroline Black

Players, Ages & Time

Spirits can be played by 1-4 players, ages 13+. It can be played in about 90 minutes. This reprint include special components and rules to play Spirits solo!

  • 1-4 players

  • ages 13+

  • 90 minutes

Game Components

The Spirits of the Rice Paddy base game components:

main board, 4 player boards, 9 setup cards, 12 rain cards, 40 spirit cards, 24 achievement tiles, 30 water discs, 7 magic water discs, 1 wood game round pawn, 16 wood rocks, 80 wood walls, 24 wood gates, 80 wood laborers, 24 wood weeds, 24 wood pests, 12 wood fertilizer cubes,  24 livestock tokens, plant and rice tokens

In addition, the  reprint will contain:

solo player game board, solo player card deck and rules, player order tokens

“...a wonderful, perfect farming simulation!”

Rahdo Runs Through

Spirits News

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