Take a look at some of the ducks that are available in duck! duck! GO!; customers that purchase the duck! duck! GO! from our retail store, ookoodook.com, can build their own set, choosing whatever ducks they want!

If you build your own set, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. When building your own set, select a bird dog and 4 duckies. Keep track of the duckies and doggy that you want, and enter them in the Ducky Special Order section during checkout (in the format Doggies 4, Pirates 2, Bikers 2, ...).
  2. Select duckies that you can tell apart easily. It's okay to pick, say, four pirates because they look very different from each other, but the angel duckies look the same, and picking multiples of those will likely cause confusion during game play.
  3. Be as creative as you want when building your game! You might give some thought to creating a theme set.

You can also purchase the ducks individually without the game from Ookoodook.


Bird Dogs

Bird Dogs


1776 Aliens Aliens Alien + Astronaut Space Ducks Bathtub Beards
Big Hair Band Bikers Bowling Butterflies Carnival Cats
Cheerleaders Chef Chef Christmas Construction Dapper
Dinosaurs Doctors Easter Fairy Tale Fifties Firefighters
Halloween Hockey Horses Law Enforcement Lifeguards Luau
Mad Birds Mardi-Gras Medieval Mermaids Monsters Nerds
Penguins Ninjas Pirates Pirates 2 Girl Pirates Pop-Out Eyes
Princesses Readers Rock Band Space Explorers Sports Super Heroes
Super Villains Surfers Thanksgiving Transportation Unicorn Vikings
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