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I’ve been meaning to put together a diagram like this that shows the location of each APE games in the production chain. Now that it’s finally built, it’ll be easy to keep updated!

Feb 6, 2022

  • One Card Wonder is largely fulfilled. Look for it in stores in mid-March.
  • Ivion has landed and will begin fulfilling to Kickstarter backers shortly.
  • The Comic Book Bubble is inching ever closer to it’s Kickstarter date – hopefully later in February of early March.
  • Pampero art is coming along. We have a logo and cover art, as well as 90% of the interior art! The response on social media to our posts has been very positive.

Jan 6, 2022

  • One Card Wonder has arrived in our warehouses in the US and Europe and will begin shipping worldwide (except Asia and Australia, which already have them)
  • Scott Almes’ new game The Comic Book Bubble is setting up to launch at the end of January! Watch for more news.
  • Kevin Nunn’s Dealers in Hope will be soon after, as it’s ready to go and review copies are being made.
  • Ivion in on the boat to the US. Fulfillment will happen this spring and retail copies available after that.

Dec 12, 2021

  • Trickerion has arrived in the warehouse and is shipping to distributors
  • Ivion is on ships!
  • We have 100% of the art for Legends of Crimson Bluff and it is in Graphic Design.
  • Art has started for Supply Chain Manager (working name) but it doesn’t have a logo yet (just a few train engines) so I’ll wait to add it to the map.
  • We have about 75% of the art for Pampero, by Juli├ín Pombo with art by Ian O’Toole, but no logo yet so, like above, it’s not on the map.


Dec 2, 2021

  • This update has Trickerion and One Card Wonder moving across open water to destinations in the EU and US.
  • One Card Wonder has already been delivered to KS backers in Asia and Australia.


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  • apegamer says:

    I’m making changes to the diagram and it’s only been one day! I’m not sure how I left off Pampero, which will be the biggest, crunchiest game that APE has ever done. Ian O’Toole is working the art, and I’ll add it to the Art section as soon as I get a game logo from him.

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