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APE Games at BGG

By November 15, 2020November 18th, 2020Comic Book Bubble, Dealers in Hope, News, One Card Wonder

Join APE Games at BGG@Home! We’ll be running the following events for upcoming Kickstarter games:

Dealers in Hope

Designed by Kevin G. Nunn

Sea levels have risen! Europe has erupted in war and it’s up to you to salvage what is left for your people. Dealers in Hope is a deck-building board game. Players battle over a future Europe that is a shell of itself. Build a deck that matches your faction’s play style and take back the continent!

  • Friday 11/20 8pm Central (sign up)
  • Sunday 11/22 12pm Central (sign up)

One Card Wonder

Designed by Nat Levin

Begin with a card containing one of the world’s unbuilt ancient wonders. Build your wonder directly or spend time creating support structures to help you complete your wonder more quickly. The first player to finish their wonder wins!

  • Friday 11/20  7pm Central (sign up)
  • Saturday 11/21 8pm Central (sign up)

The Comic Book Bubble

Designed by Scott Almes

The Comic Book Bubble game is the game of comic investment in the modern era for 2-6 players using comic covers from publisher Red 5 Comics. Buy comics when the market is low and sell for a profit. Are you savvy enough to make money before the bubble bursts?

  • Thursday, 11/19 10pm Central (sign up)
  • Saturday, 11/21 5pm Central (sign up)



Co-designer David Turczi will be running the game of being a rain cloud!

You can sign up at We’ll add more event times as games become approved.

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