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Stygian Society Production Tower Proof

By November 3, 2019October 16th, 2021Stygian Society

As mentioned in the last post, the production proof arrived last week. We assembled the tower and snapped some pictures for you!

Cube Tower and Crypt Slotted into Field Board


Tower Interior with Cubes


Tower, Crypt and Field Board with Cubes


Note that this tower has a few problems that need to be addressed. It’ll hold up the project a little more, but we need to get this right.

  • I’m not sure how this hasn’t already been corrected, since the he tower connectors are still too loose. The  tower needs to not come apart after it’s been assembled. Fix Difficulty: Easy
  • The crypt is too close to the tower, causing a high percentage of cubes to fall into the crypt. Fix Difficulty: Easy
  • As long as they’re making fixes to the tower plastic, I have asked them to remove the tab from the lower ground-level tower connector. It was there originally because all three connectors were identical to save cost. However, they added slots to just the bottom connector so that it fits solidly into the game board. Since that connector is different from the others, we should clean it up and also remove the tab. Difficulty: Easy

So, none of these fixes are hard, and they won’t take long to correct.

Until next time!

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