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Build-a-Dino Gen Con Contest

If you are going to Gen Con and get a chance to play The Great Dinosaur Rush then this post is for you! Take a picture of your best dino build and post it to BoardgameGeek or Twitter for a chance to win a $50 APE Games gift certificate to use at the convention.

There are lots of opportunities to play The Great Dinosaur Rush at the show:

  • Play the game in the BGG Hot Games room
  • If you’re a Kickstarter backer, pick up your pledge at the con and play it there
  • Demo the game in the APE booth – #1739
  • Buy one of the few copies that we air-shipped in for the convention

To participate, just

  1. Play The Great Dinosaur Rush at Gen Con
  2. Take a picture of your favorite dinosaur creation
  3. Upload the picture to  BGG (
  4. or add it to Twitter (@apegames)
  5. Stop by the APE booth (#1739) to see if you’ve won!

We’ll pick one winner each night, and post the name in our booth the next day!

Participants must be present to win.


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