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Arcadia Replacement Cards

By April 23, 2016Arcadia

The cards that were in the games sold at Gen Con 2015 (and only Gen Con) had several misprints. This led to long, boring games because the jobs and experts people collected couldn’t be used for building the attractions that they were allowed to build! Games sold after Gen Con included a special pack of replacement cards in the box, along with instructions for replacing them.

Fortunately, reviewers like Tom Vasel at The Dice Tower took another look at Arcadia with the new card replacements and gave it a much better review!

Below are the new cards:

New Job Cards
Safety Inspector — now 2 Blue for Rides Only
Food Vendor — now 2 Blue for Food Only
Costumer — now 2 Yellow for Show Only
Pitchman — now 2 Yellow for Midway Games Only

New Expert Cards
Timothy Blackwood  – now 4Y for Midway Games
Thomas Sellinger – Remove this card from the game
Zachary Roberts – now 2G, 2B for Rides
Chris Walstra – now 4B for Rides
Auden Chase – now 2G, 2Y for Midway Games
Savannah Lockwood – now 2R, 2Y for Shows
Corbin Lander – now 2R, 2B for Food
Rocco Weller – now 3Y for Shows or Midway Games
Travis Phillips – now 3B for Rides or Food

Finally, the new versions have no special text on the Balloon Darts (Midway) and Roller Coaster 2 (Ride) cards. And set the VP value for both of these cards to 8.

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