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Island Siege is Out of Print (for now)

By March 29, 2016Island Siege

We have sold out of Island Siege. Due to other financial priorities we’re not going to reprint it immediately. Instead, we’re taking a good look at what you liked and didn’t about the first edition, and reworking Island Siege so that the next edition is even better. Things we’re looking at:

  • Etched dice rather than stickers
  • Including components and rules to make it a 3-4 player game
  • Downgrading the coins to keep the same price point

What else do you want to want to see?


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  • Chris Dorrell says:

    Chris Dorrell’s Island Siege wish list (15th April 2016):-
    Etched dice – done 🙂
    3-4 player – done 🙂
    Larger game mats so colonists fit better
    Better ships that stand out more from Meeples
    Optional rules for extending the game. We are experimenting with 12 Meeples each and 25 gold limit.
    Built in solitaire option. As a basis there’s a good variant on BGG that I’m tweaking at the moment.
    Upgrade kit for current owners. (I have two sets of the current game plus the expansions! Quite an investment).
    More variety in repair cube colours on buildings – they’re all black in the base game. (We roll a die to determine colour for variety)
    A few more examples and an FAQ in the rules.
    This is a fantastic game IMO and well worth the effort of republishing – happy to discuss, help with play testing and contribute to make it even better.

  • Nigel Prestage says:

    I backed Island Siege and love the game, but have always been disappointed with the stickered dice. I wouldn’t buy a new copy of the game, but I would jump at the chance to buy replacement etched dice. Either through you or the BBG store.
    Cheers, Nigel

    • Scott Hyde says:

      I second this. Like Chris said, an upgrade kit is a great idea. I’m just bought the game so I’m not sure I’d buy a second copy so soon but an upgrade kit that included the etched dice and the 3-4 player rules and components would be an instabuy for me.

  • apegamer says:

    Thanks for the comment. We’ve been asked about upgraded dice by a lot of people. The problem is that it just doesn’t make financial sense unless I can sell 1000+ sets, and that’s highly unlikely. Maybe I could try a pre-order like GMT uses.

    • fazrie abdullah says:

      any news on the 2nd edition sir?

      • apegamer says:

        Not just now, but we’ll be hopefully announcing something in the next 2-3 months.

        • Ralli says:

          By chance I saw a video of best 2 player games by The Board Game Captain. Island Siege is his #1. Got me looking at videos and info, really like, would love to get one. The second edition ideas sound great too, it’d be great to get a reprint copy or second edition. Hope to see you folks get that going!

  • Ralli says:

    Hi! I hope all is well. Any news on the reprint or remake of the game?

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