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Stygian Society

June 23, 2018

Rice Dice – A Spirits of the Rice Paddy Dice Game

January 15, 2018

Dark is the Night

March 15, 2016


March 14, 2016

Major General: Duel of Time

March 14, 2016


March 12, 2016

The Great Dinosaur Rush

March 11, 2016


March 10, 2016


March 9, 2016

Kill the Overlord

March 8, 2016


February 28, 2016

Spirits of the Rice Paddy

December 27, 2015

Rise to Power

July 27, 2015

Rolling Freight

July 27, 2015

Island Siege

July 27, 2015

duck! duck! GO!

July 27, 2015

Order of the Stick Adventure Game

July 26, 2015


July 25, 2015

and more…

2018 Convention Schedule

Come visit us at these conventions:

  • BGG Spring, DFW TX, May 25-28
  • Gen Con, Indianapolis IN, Aug 2-5
  • Essen Spiel, Essen Germany, Nov 14-18
  • BGG Fall,  DFW TX, Nov 14-18

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Customer Support

We try hard to make sure the game you get is of the highest possible quality. However, we understand that problems occasionally arise, and we’ll do our best to resolve them. Whether the problem is missing or faulty components, email us using the form at the bottom of the page. Include your address and the problem, and we’ll get it fixed.

Game Submissions

Our publishing schedule is full for the next two years, so we’re not actively searching for new games to publish. Small games stand the best chance at breaking into our publishing backlog.

To submit games to APE, simply send us an electronic version of your game’s rules in an email ( Make sure your rules are complete and have been thoroughly tested. We don’t normally publish children’s games, war games, abstracts, social games or word games. We also don’t generally publish games with adult themes or themes that are too dark.

plus, here’s some news…

April 26, 2019

Representing Sea Level Rise on Game Maps

July 28, 2018 in Stygian Society

Stygian Society Product Page Live

At long last, we’re very happy to unveil The Stygian Society, a cooperative dungeon crawl adventure game for 1-4 players by Kevin Wilson (Descent, Arkham Horror.) Players take the role…

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July 9, 2018 in Moa, News, Petrichor, Trickerion

GenCon August 2018!

APE Games will be back in booth 1739 at GenCon! August 2-5th in Indianapolis What shall we be bringing, you ask? Petrichor! We won’t have very many copies, but we are…

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March 31, 2018 in Rice Dice

Rice Dice Kickstarter Intro Video

I will probably still tweak it before the @kickstarter launch on Wednesday, but here’s a crack at the Rice Dice launch video. The intro video is the hardest part of…

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March 23, 2018 in Rice Dice

The Rice Dice Dice

It’s time to start talking about Rice Dice, and what better place to start than the dice! These six-sided 16mm resin beauties will have unique symbols etched into each side….

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