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Welcome to the Land of the Long White Cloud. Here the bird tribes have lived in harmony for thousands of years, spreading their culture across the region.

Among them the Eagles are fearsome warriors, Kiwis are respected and honored by their tribe, Moreporks are mysterious mystics, and the pukeko spread the tribe across the land. The mighty Moa is all of those things and is the leader that holds each tribe together.

But disharmony has come to this most beautiful place. Now the tribes compete to control the land and to fight off invading mammals – wretched beasts that have come to exploit the ground and make it their own.

It is a terrible struggle, and some shameless tribes will sell out to the mammals, trading their land in exchange for the promise of safety.

In the end, only the cleverest will win Moa.


Moa contains:



Full-color, fun-to-read rulebook. Rule download coming soon!


Game Board

The large game board represents a slice of New Zealand, partitioned into zones of various terrain types, including a volcano!


Bird Cards

These cards represent eight different birds native to New Zealand (including one that’s extinct!). Each bird has different strengths.


Mammal Cards & Tokens

The invading mammals include dogs, rats, possums, and weasels.


Bird Tokens

Birds are represented on the board with tokens – 16 in each player’s color.


Bird Leader Tokens

Leaders can be placed in territories where a player has the most birds.


Victory Point Token

Each player has a single token to track victory points.


Terrain Cards

Two terrain cards are revealed each turn and indicate where actions can occur. They also indicate whether mammals arrive and attack and whether the volcano gets closer to erupting!


Leader/Mystic Tiles

Each territory starts the game with a leader tile that provides a random benefit to the first player placing a leader there.

Mystic tiles may be bought with bird cards for the amount of mysticism indicated on the tile.


Stronghold Markers

Strongholds are placed on zones after it is successfully defended against a mammal attack. Mammals will not invade an area with a stronghold. All strongholds are removed when all territories have them.


Volcano Marker

Some terrain cards move the volcano marker closer to eruption. As the volcano marker rises, the volcano territory loses value.


In Moa, players direct tribes of birds competing for control of the most territories and defending them against the invading mammals.

Each round players are randomly dealt a hand of bird cards which are used to perform actions. Players can play as many cards as they want each turn, but a single hand of nine cards must last seven turns!

Each turn two terrain cards randomly determine where tribes are allowed to perform actions.

Mammals will randomly invade areas, but WHERE they invade is well-known in advance so players must gauge whether they have the strength to fend off the attacks or if they should settle in less desirable areas further away.

Tribes lacking strength may choose to sell out their territories to mammals in exchange for the promise that they will not be invaded.

Points are primarily scored for controlling territory and for occupying territory sold to mammals.

Designer and Artists

Martin Wallace was born in the UK in 1962. He started designing games in the early 1990s and now has over seventy titles to his name. He now resides in New Zealand with his wife, Julia, and a number of cats.

Moa Artist Vincent Joubert

French illustrator/concept artist/director/art director since eighteen years in the south of France, I draw for publishing, cartoon movie, board games, video games, etc … (ANKAMA, MATTEL, ATARI, ROLLICKIN’, APE Games, etc…)

Moa map and icon artist Anaïs Goldemberg

Anaïs Goldemberg is a French illustrator who paints funny witches and hairy monsters with her favorite gouache tubes. She has illustrated quite a lot of children books and is now writing and publishing some more!

Players, Ages  & Time

Major General is a three- to five-player game, for ages 14+. It requires about twenty minutes per player.

  • 3-5 players

  • ages 14+

  • 20 minutes per player

Moa on Kickstarter


Watch for Moa Kickstarter in April!


Moa News

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