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APE Announces Moa – A New Design by Martin Wallace

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We’re super-excited to announce that APE will be publishing the next Martin Wallace game, Moa!

In Moa, players control tribes of birds competing for territory in The Land of the Long White Cloud, while defending against wretched mammal invaders.

Moa is for 3-5 players aged 14+ and plays in about 20 minutes per person.

Watch for the Kickstarter coming later in April!


Dark is the Night Kickstarter to go Live on Tuesday!

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Mark your calendar – our Dark is the Night Kickstarter is going live on Tuesday afternoon!

Dark is the Night is APE’s 2-player asymmetric game of hunt-or-be-hunted. One player is the hunter, awakened in the night by a noise from the dark forest. She grabs her crossbow and circles the campfire looking for the creature she knows is watching her.

The other player is the monster, stealthily prowling the dark space just out of range of the fire. He secretly moves into position to leap out of the darkness and eliminate the hunter!

Dark is the Night is for ages 10+ and plays in under 15 minutes.

Follow us on Twitter at @apegames for the very latest news, including a preview link tomorrow (Monday) to see the Kickstarter before it goes live!


Build-a-Dino Gen Con Contest

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If you are going to Gen Con and get a chance to play The Great Dinosaur Rush then this post is for you! Take a picture of your best dino build and post it to BoardgameGeek or Twitter for a chance to win a $50 APE Games gift certificate to use at the convention.

There are lots of opportunities to play The Great Dinosaur Rush at the show:

  • Play the game in the BGG Hot Games room
  • If you’re a Kickstarter backer, pick up your pledge at the con and play it there
  • Demo the game in the APE booth – #1739
  • Buy one of the few copies that we air-shipped in for the convention

To participate, just

  1. Play The Great Dinosaur Rush at Gen Con
  2. Take a picture of your favorite dinosaur creation
  3. Upload the picture to  BGG (
  4. or add it to Twitter (@apegames)
  5. Stop by the APE booth (#1739) to see if you’ve won!

We’ll pick one winner each night, and post the name in our booth the next day!

Participants must be present to win.



Trickerion Meeple Realty Insert @ Gen Con

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Meeple Realty has made some incredible wood game inserts before, but the new insert they’ve done for Trickerion is on a whole new level. It’ll be available in limited quantity in our booth at Gen Con (#1739). You can wait to buy one at the show, or you can guarantee one by pre-ordering it now from our store and pick it up while you’re there! If you need further persuasion, we’re offering $5 off SRP for the insert at the show!

The pictures below are great, but don’t really do this thing justice. Every piece is astoundingly creative. For instance, the component rack in the second picture below folds flat for storage, and the individual player racks can be removed from the tray in the third picture, to give to each player!

And if you don’t already have Trickerion, you can pre-order a copy from our second print run to pick up at Gen Con. And the expansion! Order now and pick it all up at our Gen Con booth – #1739.





Arcadia Replacement Cards

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The cards that were in the games sold at Gen Con 2015 (and only Gen Con) had several misprints. This led to long, boring games because the jobs and experts people collected couldn’t be used for building the attractions that they were allowed to build! Games sold after Gen Con included a special pack of replacement cards in the box, along with instructions for replacing them.

Fortunately, reviewers like Tom Vasel at The Dice Tower took another look at Arcadia with the new card replacements and gave it a much better review!

Below are the new cards:

New Job Cards
Safety Inspector — now 2 Blue for Rides Only
Food Vendor — now 2 Blue for Food Only
Costumer — now 2 Yellow for Show Only
Pitchman — now 2 Yellow for Midway Games Only

New Expert Cards
Timothy Blackwood  – now 4Y for Midway Games
Thomas Sellinger – Remove this card from the game
Zachary Roberts – now 2G, 2B for Rides
Chris Walstra – now 4B for Rides
Auden Chase – now 2G, 2Y for Midway Games
Savannah Lockwood – now 2R, 2Y for Shows
Corbin Lander – now 2R, 2B for Food
Rocco Weller – now 3Y for Shows or Midway Games
Travis Phillips – now 3B for Rides or Food

Finally, the new versions have no special text on the Balloon Darts (Midway) and Roller Coaster 2 (Ride) cards. And set the VP value for both of these cards to 8.


Island Siege is Out of Print (for now)

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We have sold out of Island Siege. Due to other financial priorities we’re not going to reprint it immediately. Instead, we’re taking a good look at what you liked and didn’t about the first edition, and reworking Island Siege so that the next edition is even better. Things we’re looking at:

  • Etched dice rather than stickers
  • Including components and rules to make it a 3-4 player game
  • Downgrading the coins to keep the same price point

What else do you want to want to see?